Carlo Ancelotti responds to Barcelona’s Joan Laporta on Real Madrid campaign – ‘It’s a distraction tactic’

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has responded to Barcelona President Joan Laporta, who on Thursday declared that a ‘sociological Madridismo’ was present in the halls of power within Spain, and was acting against Barcelona.

Laporta claimed that this campaign against the Blaugrana was the reason he had been charged as part of the bribery case against the club, calling the accusations baseless. He was then backed up by Xavi Hernandez, who declared in his press conference that the campaign to ‘destabilise’ Barcelona from Madrid was ‘a reality’.

Ancelotti was asked whether he had heard Laporta’s words, and what he thought of them.

“Yes I heard it. It think… As I said regarding the racism case [involving Vinicius Junior], it’s important not to lose track of main topic.”

“It’s a very serious case, and the Justice department are investigating it. We have to let them work, and let them decide what is right. All of the rest of it, the words, everything… It’s a way of distracting from the main issue. It’s not good on a judicial level.”

Laporta and Xavi have made their feelings clear about the reporting from the Spanish capital, and whether they have an argument or not, for many, including Barcelona fans, there has not been a satisfactory explanation as to why the club paid so much money to the Vice-President of the Referees Committee. On Saturday, Barcelona’s general assembly takes place, and Laporta may face questions from his own members.

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