Former police commissioner retracts claims he made that Joan Laporta played a role in ex-Barcelona President’s inprisonment

During an interview with RAC1 in late September, former National Police commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo claimed that Barcelona President Joan Laporta gave evidence to the police that led to predecessor Sandro Rosell being imprisoned.

In 2017, Rosell was jailed without bail after he was accused on money laundering in regards to past television rights for Brazil national team matches. He would be behind bars for 645 days, before being acquitted in 2019.

Laporta took legal action against Villarejo following the remarks, and the case on this is currently underway. However, it looks to be coming to an end, as EFE (via MD) have stated that Villarejo has denied any insinuation that Laporta provided evidence that led to Rosell’s imprisonment.

It is not just Barcelona that Villarejo has been on the wrong end of in recent weeks. Real Madrid are preparing legal action against him too after he claimed that they bribed referees before the events of the Negreira case, the legal proceedings for which are still ongoing.

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