Inter Miami deny ‘Last Dance’ friendly between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia

On Tuesday it was announced that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo would in fact face each other in a final match before the end of their careers, but the Argentine’s current club have put the breaks on that idea.

With Messi and Ronaldo competing in different continents, and no international tournament at which they can coincide for at least another two years, the chances of them ever playing a competitive match against each other is minute, unless one moves leagues.

Yet on Tuesday it was announced that Inter Miami would be taking on Al Nassr in February in the Riyadh Season Cup, a preaseason tournament, whcih would feature both. It was dubbed ‘The Last Dance’.

However Inter Miami have released a statement, as reported by Relevo, saying that they have agreed to no such thing.

“An announcement was issued today stating that Inter Miami CF is scheduled to play in the Riyadh Season Cup. This is inaccurate. The statement included statements attributed to the team’s owner, Jorge Mas. But he has not made any comments, either publicly or privately, in relation to the pre-season tour.”

While it can’t be ruled out that Inter Miami will agree to a friendly that will no doubt be as lucrative as any in the game, it appears that idea will have to be shelved for a while yet. There is a chance that the pair could cross paths if Al Nassr and Inter Miami both make it to the Club World Cup, but certainly from a US perspective, that looks some way off currently.


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