‘It’s a reality’ – Xavi Hernandez backs up Joan Laporta on Real Madrid campaign to ‘destabilise’ Barcelona

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez has stood behind his president in claiming that there is a ‘sociological Madridismo’ that is in constant action against the club. Xavi declared that there has always been stories off the pitch aimed at ‘destabilising’ Barcelona from the Madrid media.

Xavi was asked about Joan Laporta’s words on Thursday, where he put the Negreira case in part down to a campaign against the Blaugrana.

“Within the camp, we don’t talk about this. We talk about football. But you have to look at the archives: Villarato, doping… I’m with the president one hundred percent. There have always been campaigns to destabilise Barcelona. It’s a reality. It’s a reality.”

Previously there was a running narrative that the former President of the RFEF Angel Maria Villar favoured Barcelona, while during the era of Pep Guardiola there was also a suggesting that Barcelona players were doping.

He was asked about exactly what was meant by ‘sociological Madridismo’.

“They are stories to destabilise. There is too much talk about non-sporting issues. In my time, there was talk of doping and Villarato, these come from newspapers from Madrid, invented by them.”

He was also asked if he, like Laporta, thought the Barcelona president had been charged as part of the bribery case due to that favouring of Real Madrid. His answer was simple.


Xavi may or may not have reason to believe and assert that there is a campaign to destabilise Barcelona, but what nobody is arguing about is whether there were payments made to Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira. Beyond the legal case, and whether Barcelona are found guilty of bribery or corruption, those payments are in fact, and still there has been little acknowledgement from Barcelona that employing the Vice-President of the Referees Committee is fundamentally wrong.


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  1. Catalan media do the same thing to Real Madrid. That doesn’t change whether or not the facts of the case are true. Barça are in multiple bribery cases… where there’s smoke, there’s fire. It’s pretty pathetic how they continue to use Madrid as a scapegoat for their own bad behaviour. By the way they talk, you’d think that Real Madrid were running FC Barcelona and paying officials on their behalf.

      1. judge indicted Laporta, who earlier has a history of being in courtooms, on base of evidence that propmted him to reopen the case

  2. The presence of the much-liked Ancelotti in Madrid had softened Xavi as he tried to play a similar “statesman” coach. This is the Xavi I remember – talking absolute nonsense (together with Pique) and with a blinding, seething hatred towards Madrid. The reality is that Barca is facing the courts for paying Negreira for almost 20 years. We can have out teams and its associated bios but in terms of instability Barca have re-written the rule book. They created a new level of the term “dysfunctional”. It is telling that they don’t have the requisite IQ level to even understand that today’s quotes will not hide the mess that they created in their club. Even this Negreira case was brought up in Barcelona (probably by people not yet blinded by stupidity). Let this be the Xavi from now on… it is the one I remember – and love.

    1. The sad part is that average bribELona fan is so absorbed by their inferiority complexes of being behind RM (and frankly I understand them, imagine being behind that corrupt club on every major trophy) to the point that they will eat up anything he says as long as he says the “right” thing.

      There is not an ounce of critical thinking within skull cavities of those people, because getting one over satisfy the entire lifetimes of humiliation of being on second place knowing that they wont be ahead of us for the rest of their lives, which always will cause blood pressure rising and nonsense blurting.

      Waaaay back then xavi used to be one of few who didnt caught up in war between RM and bribELona during their lets call it prime in 2010s (now stained by Negreira scandal) and always calmed the tensions – frankly I respected him for it. It just goes to show that as soon as you are appointed at some higher up position in hierarchy such as that clown cruyff, you are obliged to become a megaphone for the presidents and their complex-riddled rhetoric.

      This is the same defense mechanism that was laughable when he first said it during surfacing of Negreiras messages in media about how he could help them with VAR and they would have been better off with him post a liga loss. Real must hold a strong and curious power over three presidents that a. Cause them to somehow always find a way to courtrooms b. Cause them to pay a referee spanning over 20 years on 6 different accounts to make tracking harder. If payments were “clean” why not pay on Negreiras own account straight up?

      Reality is laporta is looking at some slammer time and he knows its starting to heat up.

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