‘It’s evident that Madridismo is working in the halls of power’ – Barcelona President Joan Laporta

When Joan Laporta ran for his second term as Barcelona President, he hung a giant banner in Madrid with the caption ‘looking forward to seeing you again’, just yards from the Santiago Bernabeu. He has changed his tune somewhat since, claiming that the forces of power in the Spanish capital are working against the club.

The Blaugrana are currently involved in a bribery case, as is Laporta individually, after payments of €7.3m to the former Vice-President of the Referees Committee Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira came to light. Barcelona claim that these were for scouting reports on referees, the investigation believes it may have been to influence Negreira.

During Barcelona’s annual general assembly, Laporta came out swinging, claiming that Barcelona have done nothing wrong. He also pointed the finger at Real Madrid.

“When we go to Madrid for work, you realise that there is a sociological Madridismo in all of the halls of powers: financial, political, media and sports too. This sociological Madridismo is palpable in all those who direct the bodies of state power. They didn’t enjoy it when Barca was experiencing a splendid moment in our history.”

“A few years have passed and a new Barca returns that getting better and better all the time. On top of that, the president who was there during the greatest era in Barcelona’s history, who made them suffer and lose, is the same. The coach is the one who was the best midfielder in the world.”

“Sociological Madridismo sees that academy players can shine with new players like Araujo, Balde, Gavi, Fermin, Lamine, more keep coming… They are the promoters of this plot that has been perpetrated to destabilise us, and destroy one of the most differential features of Catalonia. We will win this judicial process, we will be acquitted, sooner rather than later. Barcelona will come out of this case acquitted. I have bad news for sociological Madridistas: we will once again be the best club in history.”

Relations between Barcelona and Real Madrid have been strained since the news of the payments to Negreira hit the headlines, with Florentino Perez missing a Clasico at Camp Nou for the first time ever as Real Madrid president last season. With the next Clasico in Barcelona just a week away, this likely to further tense things between Laporta and Perez.

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