Paris Saint-Germain biding time before launching Kylian Mbappe contract campaign

Paris Saint-Germain are not in talks with Kylian Mbappe over a new deal, but will not surrender him to Real Madrid without a fight.

Mbappe’s future remains unknown to anyone but himself currently, with Real Madrid at least publicly denying talks with him. Currently, things are silent for Mbappe. In less than six weeks time, he will be free to discuss his future, but PSG are focusing entirely on the football currently, as is Mbappe and they intend to leave it that way until 2024.

As per Relevo, PSG are designing two routes forward, one with Mbappe and one without. They are in the process of negotiating a new deal for young starlet Warren Zaire-Emery, and know roughly what they intend to offer him in terms of a new deal. In the early months of 2024, they will do what they can to talk him into another contract extension.

Many presume that even if reports are that Mbappe will have to offer himself to Los Blancos, he is more likely to move to Madrid in the summer than remain in Paris. However few in Spain are counting it as a done deal, given what happened last time.

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