Referee explains footage of him telling Vinicius Junior that ‘I made a mistake’

Referee Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea has confirmed that when he told Real Madrid star Vinicius Junior that ‘I made a mistake’, as footage showed, the images were taken out of context.

As Real Madrid left the pitch in Sevilla at half-time, in a game they eventually drew 1-1, de Burgos Bengoetxea was seen admitting to the Brazilian that he had made an error. It was assumed by many that this was referring to a potential penalty shout not given for Vinicius just before half-time, who protested the decision vociferously.

“When I told Vinicius that I had made a mistake, everything was taken out of context, it was a play in which they asked me for a corner and I gave the goal-kick, he kept protesting and I told him, and it is true that I had made a mistake.”

Meanwhile he told Cadena SER (via Relevo) that he might not have sent Vinicius Junior off last season against Valencia following a scuffle with Giorgi Mamardashvili and Hugo Duro.

“With more time looking at the images, the decision might have been different.”

Neither does he pay much attention to the smear campaign carried out by Real Madrid TV though, who consistently release compilations of decisions that have gone against the club with the referees who are in charge of the games that weekend.

“They send them to me, but I don’t watch them. I try to stay isolated to go to the game with the clearest head possible.”

While on the surface, a Clasico clash would be the most high-pressure environment, it is not the game that causes de Burgos Bengoetxea the most concern.

“It is more difficult for me to call the games of the teams lower down. I go, so to speak, with my teeth gritted because I don’t want to think that a mistake of mine could cost the relegation of a team, of a city.”

The interview he gave seems to be part of an effort from the Referees Committee (CTA) to humanise referees and change the perception of the officials. On Wednesday the CTA gave a press conference saying they were pleased with refereeing this season, while Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez also discussed some of his controversial moments.

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  1. The protests agains this guy are justified as Bengoetxea is either useless or corrupt, most likely both.

    Watch the supercopa RM bribELona to see more of his work.

    If he and Hernandez stop refereeing noone would shed a tear. I’d check these guys account balances first during Negreira investigations.

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