Referees Committee considering legal action after magistrate accuses officials of corruption

The Technical Referees Committee, or CTA, are considering legal action after a court edict was leaked which they regard to be slanderous.

As has been the case with a number of the documents from the Negreira Case, many of the investigative decisions of the Court Magistrate Joaquin Aguirre are now in the public domain. Most recently this week, Joan Laporta was added as a defendant and is now under investigation. Aguirre also indicated that while not every referee was corrupt, there is sufficient eveidence to suppose that there is or was a group of corrupt referees.

According to Cadena Cope (via MD), this has gone down poorly in the CTA. There is a feeling that the entirety of the refereeing body have had their integrity called into question, without any proof or evidence of the alleged corruption. So far the only evidence the case hinges on is Barcelona’s payments to Enriquez Negreira, but no individual referees have been accused or found guilty of anything.

Certainly, those have not done anything wrong – if any of them – can justly feel indignant that their honour has been called into question. Referees face sufficient backlash and pressure, and this will only up the ante, while many have little to do with this.

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  1. The Technical Referees Committee (CTA) is considering legal action in response to a court edict that has been leaked and is deemed slanderous. This situation stems from the Negreira Case, in which several documents from Court Magistrate Joaquin Aguirre’s investigation have become public. The recent addition of Joan Laporta as a defendant and the implication of potential corruption among referees have raised concerns within the CTA. They believe that the integrity of the entire refereeing body has been questioned without substantial evidence of corruption. While the case revolves around Barcelona’s payments to Enriquez Negreira, no individual referees have been accused or found guilty of wrongdoing. Referees already face significant pressure, and this situation adds to their challenges. Avukat Denizli; Avukat; Denizli En iyi Avukat; ⚽📜 #Referees #LegalAction #NegreiraCase

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