Beth Honig

Beth Honig, wife of Edward Honig, has had strong entrepreneurial success in her hometown of Lawrence, New York. Beth has founded and operated twobusinesses in the past five years. Beth’s first business was founded in December 2009 and is located on Burnside Avenue in Lawrence. Branded “Berrylicious,” the kosher frozen yogurt establishment was founded by Beth and her friend, Batsheva Katz. The store initially offered six savory flavors and sixteen toppings comprised of fresh fruit and dry items to satisfy every customer’s palate. Berrylicious also offers Belgian waffles, fresh baked muffin tops, and much more. Beth and Berrylicious were featured in an article written in December of 2009 by the Jewish Star and classified as “an addiction,” within the community. As customers kept returning for seconds, thirds, and more the business proved to be quite successful. Berrylicious combined free Wi-Fi for customers, a clean environment with plenty of electrical outlets, and a “small luxury item” to make customers as comfortable as possible. Berrylicious gave patrons an escape from the house or office all while staying connected and being productive.

  The Emperor’s Old Clothes

Since Berrylicious Beth has founded another business with a co-founder and close friend. “The Emperor’s Old Clothes,” is located in Cedarhurst, New York and specializes in the re-sale of designer brand merchandise. The Emperor’s Old Clothes is owned and operated by the two fashion savvy women. The idea for the company was originally developed in 2000 when the two friends grew tired of their previous jobs and needed a change. The career change must have a small monetary investment, something with more flexible work hours, and something within an industry the pair was familiar with. Above everything though, Beth and her partner had to feel the passion of their job day in and day out. While brainstorming ideas it dawned on the duo that both women had a common fervor for high fashion. With Beth’s partner’s past experiences selling used clothing on Ebay and Beth being a designer brand enthusiast, the two were confident in their success.

Based on the idea of re-selling beautiful, barely used, and rare designer brands through consignment The Emperor’s Old Clothes was born. Soon after the company began, buying and selling from people around the United States and abroad started as they want to sell off their old designer clothes, wallets, shoes, and handbags in order to make more money and room for the newest fashions and trends. Soon Beth was stocked up on brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes. Today The Emperor’s Old Clothes does business with over 800 people. The Emperor’s Old Clothes has continuously grown since being based in one of Beth’s spare bedrooms to a main street store front with a great staff.

The Emperor’s Old Clothes offers a number of great services like free UPS pickup for items, personal in-house help, and warehouse availability for in person drop offs. Due to all the services offered and of course the products, The Emperor’s Old Clothes has a large repeat business and it beloved within the community.

Community Involvement

Beth Honig is also extremely involved within her community. Beth and Edward operate a non-profit known as the “Edward and Beth Honig Family Foundation.” The foundation is also located in Lawrence, New York, which is quite convenient as the couple hosts many events in their own house. The foundation works with many different groups within the area. Frequently the foundation will host events for blind, disabled, or sick children. Beth and Edward host events during the Shabbat to provide fun and excitement for children with life-threatening or debilitating conditions. Beth and Edward provide games, activities, and entertainment for all participants in weekend long events.

Beth and Ed were featured in an article by the 5 Towns Jewish Times and are credited with hosting a crowd of 200 guests at their home for the very successful Shabbat Tea event. This event marked the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, also known as “The Night of Broken Glass.” Remembering the Kristallnacht is extremely important within the Jewish community as remembering past events and celebrating the good of mankind. The Five Towns Chapter of Emunah gathered and had the pleasure of listening to featured guest and speaker Fran Laufer, a holocaust survivor and the author of “A Vow Fulfilled.” During the event other Holocaust survivors, Phyllis Margules, Regina Peterseil, and Luba Schulsinger, were also honored.