Four Fashion Tips From Provo Fashion Week

Provo Fashion Week

This past weekend the second biannual Provo Fashion Week took place at the Provo Library. Provo Fashion Week, which was founded in Utah in Spring 2014, aims to bring together independent fashion designers, style bloggers, industry insiders, photographers, and most importantly – the fashion-lovers.  Throughout the show, there was a noticeable pattern of similar materials, prints, and designs used by all of the designers.  So if you’re looking for the next mainstream fashion trends that are soon to be emerging, here’s what was seen at Provo Fashion Week:

1. Fringe

Fringe acts as an accent to most articles of clothing, and gives the ensemble flavor – whether it be geographically or for movement purposes, fringe was hot on the runway at Provo.  Brandon Perry debuted his designs this Friday, adding fringe to many of his pieces.  He said he used his own Native American and Spanish heritage to impact and guide his particular style trends – mostly seen through his use of fringe.

2. Small Sequins

Perhaps fashion is reviving various sequin use from the 1960’s, whatever they’re doing, we like it.  Sequins were included on evening gowns, high-waisted skirts, and even on simplistic-styled t-shirts.  Fashion designer Rebecca Fenton noted that sequins add femininity to any type of clothing – they spice things up.  Especially with the holidays rolling around the the corner, sequins are a great way for women to vocalize their femininity while still remaining bold; they turn any outfit into a powerful one.

3. Textured Pieces

The fashion industry seems to be moving into a direction that uses a vast assortment of materials.  From leather to lace, designers were constantly adding texture to various articles of clothing.  You may have noticed leather sleeves on many outfits this fall, but prepare for more.  Neoprene, a wetsuit-like material, is making its big debut.  Keep your eyes peeled for different textures when you’re shopping in the next few weeks, they’ll be everywhere.

4. Floral

Especially when dressing formally, floral designs (like silk flowers) are big this season.  Many designers at Provo Fashion Week used floral as a way to accessorize dresses, hair pieces, and evening wear.  Floral in small prints was a huge hit on this runway, it added just the right amount of “girly” to any outfit, meshing perfectly with the more sophisticated ensembles.  But be careful not to over-due floral, or your outfit could be mistaken for a favorite summer dress.  Use floral sparingly, just a touch is enough for this season.


Overall, Provo Fashion Week was a huge success and offered a variety of style tips that you should take into consideration when shopping these next couple months.