Quick Guide: Swimsuits for All Women

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My name is Beth Honig and I’m a swimsuit-phobe.

My name is Beth Honig and I’m swimsuit-shy.

My name is Beth Honig and I’m swimsuit-shy, a swimsuit-phobe and…well, it’s swimsuit season.

So what am I gonna do about it? Scour the internet for the best swimsuit advice, of course.

Here’s great advice from around the web to break out of a paralyzing swimsuit aversion.

Buy a Classic Black Bathing Suit That Will Never Go Out of Style

Do read “Five Super-Simple Swimsuit Brands to Know” in the New York Times to learn how a handful of great designers are elevating swimsuits from statement pieces that follow trends to classic pieces that fit your life and lifestyle. Designer Shaina Mote tells the Times: “I felt there was a little bit of a void for a type of swimwear that can be used in an active environment as well as one that’s leisurely.” Mote’s solution: A small, expertly curated selection of six swimsuits with clean lines. The best part: Each and every suit in the collection is black so there’s no feeling overwhelmed by deciding which color to buy.

Use These How-To-Try-On-Swimsuits-The-Right-Way Techniques

The worst part of wearing a swimsuit is going swimsuit shopping in the first place. And the worst part of swimsuit shopping is getting home and realizing that the bathing suit is way less flattering and awesome than you thought it was in the dressing room. These tips from Real Simple eliminate a portion of that buyer’s regret. My favorite tip: Do lunges and squats in the mirror while you’re donning your the swimwear to make sure it doesn’t shift too much for feel too awkward.

Forget Figuring Out the Right Swimsuit for Your Body Type. Buy the Looks-Good-On-Everyone Kind.

While this list of 8 Bathing Suit Styles That Look Good on Literally Everyone isn’t exactly as equal-opportunity as the headline promotes. There are several options here worth considering. Namely, the plunging-back one piece suit, the high-waist bikini as well as swimsuits that have ribbing/ruching detail around the tummy, midsection, and hips.