La Liga’s EAFC-Style Broadcast – Is Replicating Video Game Aesthetics a Recipe for Success?

If you’ve been lucky enough to watch any of the 2023/23 La Liga matches this year from a smart TV, laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, you will have noticed the innovative new interface and graphics that appear on the screen at certain times.  

 In 2023, the league rebranded. Its main sponsor is now Electronic Arts, and for sponsorship reasons, it’s now known as La Liga EA Sports.  

Here is a quick look at how the new EAFC24 in-game broadcast style has now made its way into La Liga games.  

A look at what’s new when you watch a La Liga match in 2023 

When you next watch a La Liga match from your preferred device, football viewing from your preferred device will never be the same again. Broadcasters are using the same overlay graphics and animations that are used in the newly released EAFC24 video game.  

Introducing these new EAFC24-style broadcasting innovations aims to make the live-streamed games more attractive to viewers and take the viewing experience to the next level.  

A lot happens in the pre-match show before the game kicks off as the players warm up on the pitch, and during this time, many people who enjoy watching football games like to see the latest statistics.  

These stats are now presented to viewers in much the same way they are in the EAFC24 video game. The new graphics also show things like strategies and other key information. It’s all now broadcast in an innovative new way that many agree looks fantastic.  

If you’re familiar with playing live dealer games from Evolution Gaming or Pragmatic Play at licensed iGaming sites, like the official Unibet website, the technology is basically the same.  

For example, you can still see the live action, with added graphics and animations layered on top that take the viewing experience to the next level. It’s exciting technology, and it would look excellent in other top-flight leagues like the English Premier League and the Italian Serie A.  

Certain other major sports broadcasters have started using similar overlay graphics, but the new La Liga EA Sports FC-style branding looks better than all the rest. The visual aspect is undeniably superb.  

They have done it in a way that looks great and isn’t too cluttered or difficult to understand. In other words, the graphics haven’t been overdone.  

It also saves time for the presenter. For example, instead of having to explain certain stats that can take a while, the graphics do the same job in just seconds. It’s known as La Liga Tech, and La Liga chiefs have fully embraced this innovative new technology.  

The younger generation will more likely adjust to this new way of viewing La Liga games quicker than the older generation, who might never play video games, and only time will tell whether this style of broadcasting is here to stay for good. We will just have to wait and see.  

Which team is currently top of La Liga? 

Real Madrid are currently at the top of the table with 28 points, level with Girona, who are equal on points, only by a three-goal difference. Girona beatCelta Vigo 1-0 at home most recently.  

Both teams have played 11, won 9, drawn 1, and lost 1. So far, Real Madrid have scored 23 and conceded 8, giving them a +15 GD (goal difference), whereas Girona have scored 25 and conceded 13, giving them a +12 GD.  

You then have Barcelona in third place with 24 points and Atletico Madrid in fourth place with 22 points.  

Who will win the 2023/24 La Liga title? 

If you go by what the bookies are saying, Real Madrid will win the league. They are the current odds-on favourite to win La Liga outright, with a 60.60% implied probability rate (IPR).  

In terms of odds, it means Real Madrid are currently priced at around 1.65 (in the decimal odds format), -154 (American/moneyline odds), or 13/20 (fractional odds).  

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