‘Real Madrid? The same as always, nobody will remember their last Champions League’ – Gerard Pique takes shots

Barcelona icon Gerard Pique has inflamed old tensions with Real Madrid, after declaring that their most recent Champions League triumph will be forgotten in the passing of time.

Pique gave a scathing assessment of Los Blancos during an interview with RAC1, where he was asked about the current state of the La Liga title race, including league leaders Girona.

“It’s scary. They’re beginning to look like Leicester. It’s a unique project and it’s incredible how they play, how they combine.”

He would go on to say that he backed former teammate Xavi Hernandez to turn things around at Barcelona, but admitted that they were the only side he watched regularly now. He didn’t think much of the Real Madrid that he had seen though.

“Madrid at the moment are more of the same, they don’t inspire much but they get results and in February they will be alive in all competitions and in the Champions League we will see.”

Comparing them infavourably with Barcelona’s five Champions League wins.

“I always say it though, our way of doing things and the demands we place on ourselves, when we win, we are remembered forever, when they win, it is just another one. The last one, which was a miracle because they were inferior in each round, and it won’t be remembered.”

Certainly Pique is playing to the galleries with his declarations, and they will no doubt go down well in Catalonia. Even if Real Madrid were perhaps living on the edge during their Champions League win in 2022, it is precisely for that reason that it will live so long in the memory. Few sides if any have stared defeat in the face so closely in the Champions League and lived to come out on top.

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  1. Well, does he remember bribELonas 8 CL flops better, with that selective memory of his? I bet he does.

    Big eight vs Bayern, comeback losses vs Liverpool and Roma and dont even get me started on 2 EL embarrassments. The todays precarious economical situation is a testament to almost a decade of failures due to high wages and no high tier competition income. He should know, he retired to help the club out lmao.

    Football fans remember. But speaking of remembrance, is it better to be remembered by meltdowns which are nowadays synonymous with brokELona?

  2. For ANY football fans, madrid’s 21/22 UCL run is one of -if not the most legendary run in UCL whole history. It was last minute comebacks after comebacks, they beat psg, city, and chelsea (was a good team back then), before beating liverpool (was considered the best team on earth back then) by one goal with one chance, despite getting bombarded for practically the whole 90 minutes. That entire campaign was ridiculous, entertaining, and don’t happen often, which makes it very memorable.

    This shows how subjective pique is, and he shouldn’t be taken seriously. It’s ridiculous how many former barca players like pique, suarez, even their current head coach xavi, are acting like immature barca fanboys, they’ll insult real madrid at any chance. If you ever feel that barca fanboys are toxic and annoying, now you know where they learn it from.

    1. “For ANY football fans, madrid’s 21/22 UCL run is one of -if not the most legendary run in UCL whole history”


  3. That’s what Barca do best, downplay los blancos’ achievements because of envy and rivalry. But it doesn’t make them a better team than real madrid. The situation speaks for itself

  4. How could he remember Champions campaigns when he is used to being eliminated early?

    He has no interest in staying updated to see who his team will face and so on.

    For his team, Champions ended early for several seasons in row and it’s understandable that he feels resentment towards following the competition and its course due to shame and now he is projecting his own feelings of shortcoming with statement: “The last one, which was a miracle because they were inferior in each round, and it won’t be remembered.”

    Sr Pique usually plays golf during Champions playoffs, since he has nothing better to do.

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