Sergio Ramos tells story of humbling experience at hands of first manager – ‘We followed for 40 minutes’

Former Athletic Club and Sevilla coach Joaquin Caparros has been inducted into the Sevilla Hall of Fame following a special tribute event. The 68-year-old, who had a major impact on a number of careers, including that of Sergio Ramos, was honoured by a series of big names, also featuring current captains Jesus Navas and Ivan Rakitic.

Ramos was one of the ones who spoke at the event, and explained a story early on in his career, before moving to Real Madrid, where Caparros taught him some of the core values he still holds dearly.

“I don’t want to go on, but I wanted to tell an anecdote that speaks volumes about his way of being. I lived in Camas and the first games, which we called the ‘Mushrooms Luis’, were played on Wednesdays, because then Sevilla did not play on Wednesdays and Sundays, so instead we played a friendly to maintain continuity.”

“Caparros called me up, and I was coming with my father from Camas in a Ford Fiesta, when we had a puncture. We had to change the wheel and everything and we arrived very tight for time in Seville,” Ramos explained at the event, as covered by Cadena SER.

Despite making it nearly on time, Ramos had to turn the car around swiftly.

“The team left at 45 past and we arrived right at that time. Arriving at the store, we passed the bus and many hands went up, but the coach said that the bus was not waiting for anyone. And until we stopped in a town 40 minutes away I had to follow behind the bus in the Ford Fiesta with my father,” he noted to much laughter.

“”The coach prioritised that and I believe that there is no special treatment even if you are wearing a name on back of the shirt.”

Ramos continued on to note that Caparros’ impact was important for him down the line.

“[These types of lessons] have been one of the keys to the success. Now when I am at ease speaking in conversations with the kids, in any locker room, I know that it is partly thanks to you.”

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